Company Profile

Today Nilachal Refractories is best poised to cater to the demand of high quality refractories listed below :

  • Fire clay and high alumina refractories bricks (up to 90% alumina), including checkers and customized shapes for wide range application like coke ovens, steel ladles, re-heating furnaces, CC units, aluminium industry, cement industry and various non-ferrous sectors where the demand on refractories' quality and consistency is high.

  • Complete range of slide gate accessories comprising well blocks, nozzles, seating blocks, seating sleeves, etc.

  • Alumina based abrasion resistant bricks as well as thermal spalling resistant bricks for critical applications in ferrous and non-ferrous industries.

  • Mullite refractories, Sillimanite refractories and alumina chrome refractories for special applications.

  • The complete range of high purity (up to 95%) and medium purity castables for diverse application.

  • Complete range of low cement and ultra low cement castables for critical application.

  • Dry gunning mass for coke ovens.

  • Insulation castables for various applications required to conserve energy and for protection of metal shell.

  • Specially designed castables for sponge iron kilns, including state of the art high grain castables in order to effect substantial heat conservation, accretion resistance, high refractories life and lower refractories load on bearings and other moving parts of the rotary kiln.

While the above description is a glimpse of the capability of NRL, the reality is further beyond. NRL is capable of customizing refractories to the needs of the customer, provide refractories solution and ensure the most cost effective refractories practices for ferrous and non-ferrous industries.