NRL Sirma's range of products include the following items:-

  • Fireclay and high alumina refractories for blast furnaces (furnace proper and stoves),coke ovens steel teeming ladles, reheating furnaces, continuous casting units and refractories for non-ferrous industries.

  • Spall resistant bricks for severe thermal shock areas.

  • Alumina based abrasion resistant bricks as well as thermal spalling resistant bricks for critical applications in ferrous and non-ferrous industries.

  • High alumina abrasion resistant refractories (upto 80% A1203) for Electric Arc Furnaces and Steel Ladles.

  • Slide plate accessories.

  • Alumina chrome bricks for slag zone of steel ladles.

  • 60% to 80% alumina bauxite base refractories for cement rotary kilns.

  • Sillimanite based products for glass industries.

  • Pre-cast shapes.

  • Alumina mortars,ramming masses and patching masses.

  • Fireclay and high alumina conventional constables.

  • Low moisture high alumina castables

  • Dry gunning mass for coke ovens.